Friday 18 November 2011

Meeting the makers

As a designer maker there's nothing quite like meeting the people who buy your work.  It's really rewarding to have comments and feedback, whether good or bad, and can help inform future design decisions!

When you put a lot of time and thought and hard work into a larger piece, like one of my chairs, it's also good to know that a piece is going to a good home!  The making process is not quite as painful as child birth, but it certainly feels like waving a child off on their first day of school when you say goodbye to a piece like that!

Today, I'm taking a much needed break from making, to go and meet some fellow makers - I'm off to MADE 2011 in Brighton

I'll be looking out for the lovely Emily Maude, whose quirky illustrations, prints and other goodies are wonderful!  My particular favourite is the 'Kitchenalia' range (as pictured) - I'm hoping for a tea towel or a little tray

I'm sure there'll be lots of other wondrous things to see and buy - I'm hoping that I will find some Christnmas presents too.

I'm visiting MADE with a friend.  We're both so busy, our little rendezvous have become too few and far between, but we always have a lovely time and treat ourselves to lunch at 'Bill's' The colours and displays of fresh produce are a site to marvel at and a real treat to my designer's eye - the food is delicious, organic and wonderful too!