Tuesday 13 August 2013

Botanical Beauties

There's nothing like a beautiful bunch of flowers or a single bloom in the garden to lift the spirits!
I'm constantly inspired by the amazing colour combinations that can work so unexpectedly well.

Who'd have thought purple and red could look so great together, and there's nothing quite so attention grabbing as bright pink and yellow!

Probably because of my scientific background, I also find inspiration in the way flowers are structured, and the patterns and textures that result.

These mini pom-pom Chrysanthemums are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and I can't help but marvel at the organic geometry of this Dahlia too!

     (Image: Withypitt Dahlias)

And just to prove that nature can do straight lines. . . . . . .  (well almost!)

A selection of cushions from my current collection, Petals & Pixels, inspired by some of the above images, sunsets, and pixellation

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Ombre Obsession

Confession time - I love the current trend for Ombre! The recent catwalk revival of the 1970's trend has seen a dip-dye revolution. It's everywhere, on dresses, accessories, hair and now furniture, fabrics and walls.

Clockwise from top left: Erin Fetherston, Sunglasses, RugScarf

Traditionally, and for the subtlest effects, the gradual transition between two tones or shades of a colour is preferable. Bolder results are achieved when the 'fade' is between white and a colour such as indigo blue. 

I make no secret of my belief that nature is one of the most inventive and inspiring designers, and find natural ombres, such as these petal colours, particularly inspiring!

For interiors ombre has been interpreted in some fun ways, from Ercol's Half Blue Love Seat to Decorating Files idea to paint staircase spindles in graduating colours.

For walls there's plenty of wallpaper options that incorporate the ombre effect into stripes and patterns (Left, Tranquil from Harlequin's Momentum range & right, Shibori from Scion's Wabi Sabi collection)

or if you fancy painting a whole wall in the style, Dulux have a great demonstration and list of what you'll need as well as suggested colour combinations.

Finally, if you love the trend but would prefer to use it in a less dramatic way, here's a few cushion suggestions that capture the Ombre spirit perfectly!

Clockwise from top: Corolla Oblong Knitted Cushion, Ethan Allen Ombre Cushion & Designer's Guild Savine Cushion