Friday 2 March 2012

New Beginnings

With Spring looking like it's not too far off and new buds beginning to sprout, I couldn't help but notice the similarities with some of the projects I'm involved in!

Earlier this week saw the launch of the new British fabrics and wallpaper brand Scion  Meaning 'offshoot' this fits perfectly into my earlier analogy! I've been involved with this new brand for some time now, working on colour palettes, designs and styling - having been excited about it for so long, it's wonderful to be able to finally share that feeling!

Under the nurturing care of sister company Harlequin, Scion has emerged to offer uncompromisingly design-led fabrics and wallpapers in refreshingly contemporary colours.

The first collection called 'Melinki' brings together a broad range of strong designs inspired by woodland, archive prints and Scandinavian design.  

The result is a collection that offers an inspiring mix of designs with the individuality to work on their own, combined with others from the same colour group or incorporated into an existing interior.

Impressively the fabrics and wallpapers are all printed in the UK too, and with colour palettes that include on-trend mixes like sulphur yellow and grey, emerald and lime and retro-kitsch Bakelite brights, not to mention indigo blues, the only problem you might have is which one to choose!

I'm already nearly half way through a six week course of workshops at Making Space.  With the emphasis very much on trying new things and thinking outside the box, I'm encouraging participants to experiment with different techniques and materials, as well as helping them with design basics.  The aim is that they develop some new skills or grow existing ones (more of that analogy again!) to enable them to create something that is uniquely theirs.  It's amazing the diversity of ideas already developing - from guerilla knitting/art/installation ideas to textured textiles and jewellery.  The enthusiasm and buzz has certainly inspired me to 'dust off the cobwebs' and get creative to develop new products and a new collection!
Two of the participants are involved in 'Knit Pompey', an exhibition that runs until 9th April at Eastney Community Centre, Bransbury Road, Eastney, Portsmouth PO4 9SU

I'm also running various crochet workshops at the wonderful Clothkits in Chichester!  With a shop full of wonderfully bright fabrics and haberdashery as the venue I always look forward to my visits!

The workshops run on various days and cater for absolute beginners - learning basic stitches and how to make flowers in the single sessions. With four week courses there is time to learn to make Granny squares, joining and edging techniques even produce a simple project!
Maybe I'll see you there!

PS: CONGRATULATIONS! to Emma and Del on the safe arrival of their son Buddy earlier today - another new beginning!


  1. Hi Deryn
    Could you please tell me the make of the gorgeous yarn you have in this picture - pretty please :)
    Good Luck with your workshops
    Susan x

  2. Hi Susan!
    The yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo -DK It's 80% Bamboo and 20 % wool - beautifully soft with a lovely sheen and available in some lovely colours too!

    Deryn x