Tuesday 19 June 2012

Miro the Magnificant

Earlier this year, whilst holidaying in Yorkshire, I visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park. If you've never been I would highly recommend it!

The current exhibition shares the incredible sculpture and paintings of the artist  Miro.  I found the organic shapes of the sculptures aesthetically interesting, and at times humourous.

There was a real honesty about them.

The sculptures work so well in an outdoor space, and the beautiful backdrop makes them even more inspiring.

There is also an indoor exhibition of sculpture, drawings and paintings.  I love Miro's bold use of colour in his painting and also on some of his sculptures.

I particularly enjoyed the section of the exhibition that looked at Miro's life but as well as his artistic process.  It was fascinating to see sketches and collections of objects assembled as ideas for pieces of work. It's made me reflect on my own process.  I'm itching to get drawing again, so once my current orders are all complete I'm planning to get creative again!

I don't expect it'll be long before I return to YSP as I loved it there.  There's exhibitions of Anish Kapoor's and Richard Long's work coming soon too - trouble will be which one to choose!

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